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Hello, I'm June

Specializing in extensions, miracles, and all things that sparkle.

A little bit about June

I know it’s controversial, but I won’t get mad at you for cutting your own bangs. There I said it. I’m the type of stylist to show you how to trim them yourself because I know we all have urges! I have ADHD, and I’ve been growing out my last “urge” for 6 months. That's ok! I know I can make it look like it never happened. All I need is a set of extensions, a diet coke, and 5 minutes of absolute silence to formulate a game plan.


My first true love was a set of clip-in extensions. I started waitressing after school so I could get them. I waited by the door all day for them to be delivered because I couldn't contain my excitement! I still get the same feeling every time I get a hair delivery at the shop. Once I clipped those bad boys in for the first time, I was unstoppable! I knew I wanted to be a stylist from that moment on.


Another thing that inspired me to become a stylist was getting ready with my girlies before the ice show. Yes, we were there to skate, but everyone brought their caboodle’s and we had so much fun making ourselves sparkle. I love that I can recreate the energy of that locker room every time I am behind the chair. I love the honor of witnessing their reactions when they see what we’ve created together. I love it when I can help someone show the world even a little of their sparkle.

I look forward to helping you make your hair dreams a reality.

I bring my caboodle if you bring yours!

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